A Nostalgic Moment – February 16, 2016

A Nostalgic Moment

The internet has given access to many nostalgic pictures. I have collected quite a few via the internet, Pinterest and assorted other resources. These pictures cover everything from Hollywood, Nostalgic New York City and Other Places and Some Unusual Pictures. All these pictures will be shared on this blog with ten pictures at a time.

3rd Ave & 89 St Looking North #2 N021516

3rd Avenue Accident N021516

Automobile Accident on 3rd Avenue – N021516

nostalgia 065
35MM Slide – N021516

1897 Elevated Train N021516

El in New York City – N021516

Marquee of the Loew’s State Theater at 45th Street and Broadway, New York – 1938. On the bill – Barto & Mann, Frances Faye, Jerry Cooper and Nick Kenny. N021516

Aerial View of Central Park N021516

Aerial View of Central Park – N021516

Automat on 57th Street N021516

Horn & Hardart on 57th Street in New York City – N021516

Bellevue Hospital N021516

Bellevue Hospital – N021516

Chelsea Hotel
Chelsea Hotel – N021516
Grand Central Station – NYC – N021516

Marilyn Monroe N021516

Marilyn Monroe – N021516

Mickey and Yogi
Joe DiMaggio and Yogi Berra – N021516
El i n 1954
El i n 1954 – N021516

Times Square N021516

Times Square – N021516

Upper East Side – N021516

That covers the first edition of A Nostalgic Moment N021516

Enjoy those Nostalgic Memories in Pictures,

Marty Dougherty #greendougherty.com

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