A Nostalgic Moment – Master Index

A Nostalgic Moment

Navy Lieutenant Robert Stack teaches Lana Turner how to salute. October, 1944

A Nostalgic Moment – Master Index

This index covers almost all of my nostalgic memories. It will cover New York City and Yorkville Pictures, Hollywood and Famous People, and everything else Nostalgic. This Master Index will have all the posts that I have made over the past year or so. Hopefully. I pinned most of them to my Nostalgia category on Pinterest. Enjoy.


Marty Dougherty #greendougherty #yorkville #doughertygarden (#doughertypalms #doughertypalms and #palmsofthedoughertygarden#nostalgia #oldies(doowop)music #irishaoritaliano #jobsoutwest #corporateamerica #lifeintheusmarines #afewfunnies – doherty167 on  Pinterest

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