A Little Nostalgia – July 13, 2016

A Little Nostalgia – July 13, 2016


If you lived in New York City, you had to at one time in your life had a meal at Mama Leone’s

Upper East Side
Upper East Side
Upper East Side
Old New York City
Old New York City


New York City Map

1950s Dog Tags Issued to Children

I only getting one in the U. S. Marines and ours had an indent in the tag that was to be used to ID dead Marines. You would place the dog tags in the person’s mouth and slam the jaw shut so that body people could ID the poor dead person if no one was around.

1960s – The hair styles
A nostalgic look back at New York City
Space Rocket Ride at Woolworth's
Space Rocket Ride at Woolworth’s

birds-eye-view-aerial-photography-12 Bern

Not really nostalgia but why not use it.

Chase and Sansborn Coffee
Chase and Sansborn Coffee – you know a commercial like this today would never make it on TV, let alone a magazine
meter coin collector
Meter Coin Collector – Yes, he uses a key and in the early days of Yorkville,  Community on the East Side of Manhattan a young boy followed one of these guys around, and yes, he left the key one day. That little boy was in the money for a time and then he sold the key to another young boy who thought that he was in seventh heaven. The first time he used the key on 2nd Avenue he got nailed.
aerial view
Aerial View of New York City

Old New York Photo 051

Zepelin Touring New York City

Aerial View
Aerial View


That covers the latest edition of Nostalgic Pictures,

Marty Dougherty #greendougherty


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